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Today I choose joy!

My name is Irina Popescu and I have been working with people for more than ten years, as a business trainer and consultant, facilitator and counselor. I am here to support and guide you in your journey of self-discovery. My vision is to create a space of authenticity, non-judgement and awareness for those who are seeking to change their life for the better.

My story begins on May 2012 when I first encountered my true self. Back then I was struggling with my life and a friend invited me to a Sundao ISM workshop. Sundao ISM is an ancient Korean technique, that was updated and adapted for the modern times by Master Yu Jae-Sheen and his wife SooJin Kim. ISM means integral somatic method and consists of open discussions, guided practice and meditation. It is an amazingly effective and efficient way to improve your health and your life.

Since I started practicing Sundao ISM diligently, I managed to change myself from a victim into a woman who is fully in charge with her life, as a mother, partner, daughter and entrepreneur. Inner Space means our intuition, inner voice, inner truth that is our best adviser. Nowadays, when we live a busy life, we usually do not know how to connect with this inner voice or how to listen to it.

Whether you are experiencing grief, depression, fear, anxiety, stress or simply want to improve your mental, emotional or physical state, I am here to guide you and support you to become a better version of yourself.




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"Change your thoughts and you will change your life"

Wayne Dyer


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  • "I started counselling sessions with Irina immediately after breaking up with my ex-partner. Irina guided me gently and firmly at the same time, towards my interior. Slowly, I found answers to long forgotten questions, it helped me realise and accept that I am not perfect and that I am sometimes wrong as well, it reminded me that I am the most important person in my life, it encouraged me to I listen to the inner voice and to be as close as possible to my soul. Over the breaking up I went smoothly and I ended up in a now full of love. Thank you, Irina."

    Anca M., Compliance Manager

  • Irina is such a gentile and kind person, her enthusiasm and ability to bring the joy in the practice will create the perfect journey with benefits for you. Irina knows how to guide you and inspire with her resources gathered over the time. Irina is one of the most dedicated and caring persons that I ever meet. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Give yourself the honor to try this practice, open the flower inside you!"

    Deniz N., Project Manager

  • "Irina is a kind and beautiful soul and her guidance and practice were natural medicine for my body and mind. I recommend Irina with full and opened heart. Thank you so much, Irina for your light and love manifested in our practice."

    Ema R., Legal Advisor

  • "One of the most important things for me is to really know and accept myself. There are many ways to reach self-knowledge. Over the years and experiences, I have learned that, perhaps more important than the path, is the person who guides you on it. A person you trust. Unreservedly, I put my trust in Irina because she is empathetic, authentic, warm and, at the same time, wise and dedicated."

    Roxana M., Entrepreneur

  • "Irina’s approach is that of an objective witness who treats people and situations with utmost respect and empathy. She reaches to people with profound humanity. Her counselling is non-invasive and yet powerful in its impact because it makes you reconnect with yourself. I learned to be a better listener thanks to Irina, and my inner voice has grown more and more friendly."

    Ana G., Entrepreneur

  • "Sundao ISM practice helps me center, refocus and bring the attention back to myself. it helps me reconnect to my body. Irina is a gentle and dedicated facilitator. During the practice she shows respect to the pace of each paeticipant. Working with her helps me relax, paying attention to my emotions, to my body."

    Anca N., Entrepreneur

  • "I was participating to a Sundao ISM practice, after a very difficult week, both personally and professionally. I had a terrible headache, and your calm voice during the session, the state of silence you transmitted, combined with the movements of the hands with the eye closed, at the beginning, effectively made me think I was floating and at the end the headache completely dissapeared."

    Oana D., Financial Manager

  • "Irina and her Inner Self arrived in my inner space at the right time. For years I have been struggling with insomnia and I have been tired of constantly changing various treatments, therapies, natural remedies and the like. I admit that initially it was hard for me to believe that because of such simple movements you can sleep profoundly and that the effect lasts for a few more days. It is fascinating to discover that the answer and the support is in yourself. It is just that, by becoming an adult, we forgot about the simplest mechanisms of the miracle which our body is. This practice helped me reconnect with my body and my mind and rediscover the power to love myself! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, dear Irina! "

    Maria V., Insurance Manager

  • "Among the definitions that describe calm, peace and positive energy, Irina's name must be considered. She is an exceptional person not only for the way she expresses herself, but also for the fact that all the positive states she radiates is contagious. She is a good mentor in what it means to seek your own balance and you never end the sessions without giving yourself a smile of gratitude for who you are and what you do. I love when it makes me feel like a tree, with strong roots and big, flowering branches. I think that if we all had the opportunity to experience this state, we could fill the world with a cleaner and healthier energy. Thank you, Irina! You are magical! "

    Gladys P., Teacher

  • "I lived and relived, in different contexts, life experiences that I kind of closed in on myself, I was always afraid to open up, to allow myself to be vulnerable. Irina, you guided me step by step to my soul, you helped me bring out the emotional wounds and behavioral patterns, a kind of unconscious native masochism. You helped me begin to learn the detachment, the awareness of emotions, the wonder, the richness and the unique value of each of us. To stop believing in my perceptions, to understand and manifest my inner child with the mind of an adult, through acceptance, commitment, trust. I understand how important it is to just be! Thank you very much, Irina, for the whole process we went through together, for friendship and awareness! And for your light!"

    Gabriela O., Head of IT Strategy

The practice of this beginning of the year is a short reminder to come back every time to us, to search within ourselves the beauty, kindness, and joy, because there inside is their place of origin. Also, let us remember that we are life and only by allowing the flow of life to manifest through us, only by being in the flow can we feel fulfilled.


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